Cartoon Critters

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My Cartoon Critters

My Cartoon Critters was inspired by the desire to educate babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids in kindergarten, through animals, bubbles, sounds, speech, sight words, and lots of bubble popping, all while using a mobile device.

My Cartoon Critters, with the help of 45 cuddly, virtual, safari animals will offer your youngsters loads of edutainment while they recite what they hear. Your tots will discover wildlife, animal names, animal sounds, animal habitats, and animal classifications. In addition, most words are translated into Spanish to give your kids the added edge. Call this your happy, Montessori, parent's guide, for your babies to get hooked on animals.

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Chanz and Kenaz

Game Idea Originator, Game Designer, Product Manager, QA Tester, Page Layout Designer